TransActPOS Equipment and Party Rental

The TransActPOS Equipment and Rental module is a complete "rent and return" system. Being integrated into the TransActPOS product line, inventory and customers' records are handled within a single database saving you time and resources. The process of creating a rental contract is as follows:

  • Select New Contract
  • Enter Rental Item(s) and reservation times
  • Enter Merchandise, if applicable
  • Select Customer and identification (if required)
  • Check out rental equipment
  • Invoice creation with payment or posting to receivables

Similar in design as the point of sale screens, the rental module is also configurable.  Some stores prefer to get the scheduled time prior to selecting the rental item while others will address the scheduled time after the rental item is selected.  The point is that each business is unique in the procedures used during the sales process.  TransActPOS can help address this issue with a modifiable configuration found within the System > Company Setup module.  Typically, a selectable option will address most issues a store may have regarding their unique process.

Rental Features

  • Easy operation!
  • Consolidated rental and retail system
  • Easy setup of rental items with inventory
  • Hourly to month rental rates
  • Weekend, holiday and overnight rates available
  • User modifiable contract forms
  • Timing of deposits and invoices modifiable to meet your business practices
  • Integration into TransActPOS Server to allow tracking of return maintenance processes
  • Engine hours included with regular rate setup if required for selected rental unit
  • Tracks multiple rental equipment check-ins and check-outs within a single contract
  • Print rental contracts to a duplexing (front and back) laser printer to eliminate the cost of pre-printed contracts.  Send us the details of the rental contract and we will be happy to place these on the back pack of the rental form.
  • Integration with TransActPOS Service to track ongoing operational cost of rental equipment.  The service module is a separate purchase.

Drivers License Image Scanning

Easily capture license images during the creation of a customer rental contract with a desktop scanner.  Simply request a license scan from the desktop scanner, insert the drivers license and the TransActPOS Rental module scans the license and associates it to the rental contract.

Rental Conversion

  • Conversion services available for Total Rental and other systems.

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