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Inventory management is the key to success.

Most retailers purchase from a variety of vendors to fill their shelves.  Today's TransActPOS Retailers take advantage of electronic versions of the distributors' inventory to update their in house electronic catalog and quickly update retail prices, add inventory and search for special order products.  The TransActPOS Electronic Catalog is a powerful tool which allows you to the quickly determine the best source for your next purchase.

TransActPOS UnitedPak includes the communications and electronic catalog update features specific to United Hardware.

(i.e. Invoices, Promotions, Price Changes, Purchase Orders)

  • Communicate to United Hardware via high speed Internet access
  • Build inventory reorders and electronically submit to United Hardware
  • Assign one of four statement types to each customer. Streamline with electronic signatures!
  • Add additional modules as needed
  • Connect as many computers as needed.
  • Receive inventory to best suit your needs: receive in full or scan to verify UPCs and receipt quantity
  • Workstation functionality can include endorsing checks*

*POS workstations must be equipped with a validating receipt printer 

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