Beginning with the creators of TransActPOS, it’s always been about relationships.

Our company founders placed service as the cornerstone of their business when they built TransActPOS parent company Profile Systems Design Group, Inc. in 1985. Today, service remains the top priority of every team member as the company continues to grow.

We’ve developed a workplace culture rooted in our customers’ success.

We believe a customer-first approach is the only way to create a product that not only works but makes the lives of store owners, employees, and their customers easier. We’re proud that our current employees strive to provide excellent service and that former employees carry that philosophy forward as they continue their careers.

We want to make our customers’ lives easier.

Because we aim to improve the TransActPOS system continuously, our team is responsive to customer feedback and agile in implementing new solutions. We can address the pain points due to our long-term customer relationships: We built a self-installer for a frustration-free experience updating the system. We also keep all of our customers on the newest version of TransActPOS at all times, eliminating confusing pricing models.

And we aren’t only listening to our customers.

Thanks to vendor collaboration, our customers have the competitive advantage of access to new features before other stores. Vendors talk to us about ideas for integrations and improvements because we share their excitement in making them happen.

There’s a reason most stores that start out using our system are still using our system. We spend every day improving TransActPOS to take care of our customers—and our customers’ customers—so they can focus on what matters.

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