Check out the 2022 Spring Satisfaction Scorecard!

Customer satisfaction is very important. A special thanks to all the TransActPOS Team Members to make this Satisfaction Score of 4.3 possible!

Published 2022-02-15

The Scorecard is a measuring tool developed and managed by Do it Best. 

New installations are interviewed by Do it Best at 6 months, 12 months, and 18 months after going live with the selected software.  The following questions are asked of the store’s management.  The summarized results determine the reported Satisfaction Score.

  • How do you rank your installed software 1-5? (1 low to 5 high)
  • How do you rank the support from your software provider? (1 low to 5 high)
  • How do you rank the software company? (1 low to 5 high)

Want to learn more about how TransActPOS can help your store? 

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