TransActPOS – Texting

Fast, convenient, company-level texting service allowing stores to send messages to customers from within TransActPOS applications.

Published 2021-07-01

TransActPOS Service     “Your mower repair is done!  Do you need it delivered?”

TransActPOS Sales Orders and Special Orders    “Your special-order door was just received into inventory!”

TransActPOS Account Receivable    “Your payment was just posted. Thank you!”

TransActPOS Equipment Rental    “Your equipment rental is due at 2:00 PM, do you need more time?”

What is TransActPOS – Texting?

TransActPOS – Texting is a Short Message Service (SMS) allowing users to send a message that is up to 147 characters long.  Preset and freehand messages can be created at multiple points within the TransActPOS application depending upon the user’s level of security.

Why only 147-character messages?

The TransActPOS – Texting message automatically embeds the required opt-out text within each message according to FCC Rules & Regulations.

How does TransActPOS – Texting help your business?

  • Resolves the problem of using personal text accounts to manage your store’s business text communications
  • Centralizes all text communications into a text monitor application accessible from any TransActPOS workstation
  • Automates Customer registration with a “Join” message to your store’s texting phone number
  • TransActPOS Support assists in the setup of your texting phone number

Can I Experience the Join registration process now?

Yes – Text “Join” to 270-398-2517 to register with a TransActPOS Demonstration system.  The system will respond with the registration form for the “Your Hardware” virtual store.  Upon registration, you may then choose the opt-out feature to experience the entire process according to FCC Rules & Regulations..

Want to learn more about how TransActPOS can help your store? 

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