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Simplified, easy to learn, training outlines utilized during our custom training sessions

Published 2023-01-16

Online Help

The TransActPOS Online Help is now in beta testing.  Currently, a username and password are required.

TransActPOS Catalog

TransActPOS - The Point of Simplicity Catalog 4.008.618.pdf

At TransActPOS, we understand that developing and maintaining strong relationships with our clients is essential to providing world-class support. To that end, we have designed our software with ease of use in mind. The TransActPOS Catalog provides an overview of the broad capabilities of the available suite of modules and integrations. By clearly describing the functionality of each module, the Catalog gives our clients the information they need to make informed decisions about which products will best meet their needs. In addition, the Catalog provides contact information for our support team so that our clients can always reach us with any questions or concerns. By making it easy for our clients to find the information they need, we hope to foster long-lasting relationships built on trust and mutual understanding.

Training Manuals

The TransActPOS Training Manuals provide understanding and peace of mind to the learner. These manuals can be downloaded and printed or viewed directly as a PDF. In either case, the Training Manual has been created to assist in the learning process and meet the student where they are. Learning can be challenging, but with a clear direction aimed at understanding, the task can be completed with confidence. With these manuals, students can access that understanding and approach their learning with peace of mind.

00-000-0 TransActPOS Main Menu - Core Processes03-010-1 Quote & Sales Order Training #1 - Core Processes
01-010-1 Point of Sale Training #1 - Core Processes04-010-1 Inventory Control Training #1 - Vendors and Ecatalog
01-080-2 Point-of-Sale Training #2 - Manager Functions05-010-1 Purchase Order Training #1 - Core Processes #1
01-080-3 Point-of-Sale Training #3 - Layaway 
02-010-1 Accounts Receivable #1 - Core Processes07-030-1 Rental Training #1 - System Configuration
02-010-2 Accounts Receivable #2 - TransActPOS to QuickBooks 
02-010-3 Accounts Receivable #3 - General Ledger Accounts 


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