The modules powering the TransActPOS system have been developed over years of collaboration with our hardware and retail store partners. We continue to expand and improve these modules to serve our customers as their stores grow and their needs evolve. 

Inventory Order and Receipt (IOR)

Give your store a competitive advantage with enhanced vendor communications.

Learning Resources

The TransActPOS Learning Resource has been updated to include the TransActPOS Online Help system. Complete with courses, videos, and searchable content.

TransActPOS Tap!

Speed up access to your workstations with this RFID-powered application.

Document Scanning

Easily scan your documents and automatically files them for quick future reference.

Help Center

The Help Center contains multiple resources for learning, including training course outlines, video tutorials, and in-depth module documentation.

Frequent Buyer Club

Offer discounts based on a points-for-purchases system.


Customer Text messaging from within TransActPOS provides fast and efficient service to your customers.

Electronic Catalog

Stay up-to-date with the latest product information from vendor catalogs.

Gift Registry

Create a unique revenue stream not typically associated with the hardware store industry.

Price Checker

Give your customers access to price confirmation with Price Checker

Wireless Inventory

Get real-time access to inventory information from the aisles of your store.

Service Tickets

Track warranties, record notes, and manage billable parts during the repair service process.

Gift Cards and Certificates

Enable your customers to share the gift of your store with loved ones.

Inventory Control

Manage all aspects of products sold at your store, from stock to coupon items.

Back Office Accounting Link

This tracking system works with a number of accounting systems.

Equipment Rental

Streamline your rental contract process with a fully integrated rent and return system.


Make it possible for your customers to reserve items and pay off items in installments.

Mercury Server

This background application is responsible for automatic updates and scheduled reports.

Quotes and Sales Orders

Provide price quotes and invoice your customers—even for special orders.

System Resources

Facilitate core setup options for TransActPOS, from system reporting to updates.


Access the internet marketplace with TransActPOS eCommerce integrations

Point of Sale

Navigate the sales process with ease.


Converting your data into TransActPOS gives you a head start to success.

Purchase Orders

Order new and replacement inventory items from your vendors.

Accounts Receivable

Get a deeper understanding of your business with the Drill Down reporting system.


We want our customers to take full advantage of other services and products they use. The list of integrations is constantly growing based on feedback from our store partners.