The SMARTtill® Solution is a new revolution in cash management, enabling retailers to reduce cash losses, reduce the cost of cash handling, and improve in-store productivity. 

The SMARTtill® Solution is an innovative cash management system suitable wherever cash is transacted. It offers benefits at the POS and across an entire enterprise in Operations, Loss Prevention, Treasury, and data analytics.

The SMARTtill® Solution tracks all cash movements without service interruptions. It identifies and flags errors by shift, time, cashier, and transaction, allowing you to save up to 30 minutes per POS per day on cash counts. Reduce the time spent on managing cash and cash loss investigation.

A required module of the SMARTtill and TransActPOS integration is the TransActPOS Texting module.  Automatic text messaging to the assigned managers keeps them up to date with alters. 

What does all this mean?

  • You can set the minimum and maximum values of the coin and bill cups so you can proactively address potential money management problems before they arise.
  • Know when a cash drawer goes out of balance with detailed information about the transaction at the moment, not later in the day at closing time.
  • Reduce the end-of-shift reconciliation process to near zero since the drawer correctly reports the present value of the system, thus eliminating the count-down process.
  • Peace of mind…