Equipment Rental

Streamline your rental contract process with a fully integrated rent and return system.

This fully integrated “rent and return” system streamlines the process of creating rental contracts.

The Equipment Rental module facilitates scheduling, billing, and return of equipment. The rental calendar feature was designed through our collaborative customer relationships and our own continuous improvement objectives. A key rental feature is the ability to set hourly, 4-hour, 8-hour, day, week, month, holiday, overnight, weekend, and hour meter rates.

This module can also automatically schedule a service ticket before the unit is returned to the rental stock, and makes it easy to sell rental items when the opportunity arises. The optional Service Tickets module can help you track ongoing operational cost of rental equipment.

Equipment Rental includes other key features:

  • Modifiable contract forms
  • Prints rental contracts to a duplexing (front and back) laser printer
  • Tracks multiple rental equipment check-ins and check-outs within a single contract