Equipment Rental

Streamline your rental contract process with a fully integrated rent and return system.

This fully integrated Rent and Return system includes scheduling, billing, and return of equipment. The rental module streamlines the process of creating rental contracts. With TransActPOS Service installed, the system can automatically schedule a service ticket for equipment before the unit is returned to the rental stock.

Configuration Options

Similar in design to the point-of-sale screens, the rental module is also configurable.  Some stores prefer to get the scheduled time before selecting the rental item, while others will address the scheduled time after the rental item is selected.  The point is that each business is unique in the process used during the sales process. TransActPOS can help address this issue with the flexible configuration found within the System > Company Setup module. 

Rental Inventory

The Inventory File in TransActPOS has a rental item type that automatically makes the item available for rent. Rental pricing can be established at varying time intervals, including Overnight, Weekend, and holidays within the Company Setup. Other options include Deposits, Cleaning Fees, Damage Waivers, and Turn Around time.

Rental Contract Wizard

The creation of a rental contract is based upon a 5 step selection process that guides the user to a reservation or a rental contract.  Upon checking out the selected rental equipment, the system will create the customer invoice.  Upon returning the rental items, the system can recalculate the applicable rental rates based upon the preferences of the store management.  

Service Integration

If the TransActPOS Service module is present, a service ticket can be automatically created for the equipment upon returning the selected rental equipment to the store. The service department then has a service ticket document to perform the desired review processes before the unit is put back into the rental inventory.  Upon completion of the service ticket, the unit is ready for rental. When the rental equipment is on a service ticket, the integrated rental calendar shows the unit unavailable for the allotted time.

Website Integration

TransActPOS can automatically push information to your EZ-Commerce website hosted by EZ-AD TV. Requests for quotes allow your store staff to create the in-store contract for the customer and process the rental agreement. 

Integrated Rental Calendar

The Rental Calendar was designed based on our collaborative relationship with our customers and our continuous improvement objectives.  Today, the system allows the clerk to immediately see the scheduled activity for the selected item from any of the TransActPOS workstations within the network.

Selling Rental Items

Within the Manager Screen menu of the Point-of-Sale module, you may sell rental inventory when the opportunity arises. Clicking on this option, the clerk will enter the rental item to be sold.  The system will remove this item from the rental inventory and sell the item within a specific SKU. 

Rental Picture Grid

The Rental Picture Grid allows the user to select items from a customizable grid structure.