Gift Cards and Certificates

Enable your customers to share the gift of your store with loved ones.

The Gift Cards and Certificates module provides your customers a convenient gift-giving method and maintains the level of security to administer a gift card program properly.

The Gift Card module can utilize pre-printed gift cards or print to cardstock to issue an on-demand paper certificate. After the Gift Card module's initial purchase, the ongoing cost is that of the gift card and the nominal TransActPOS monthly maintenance fee.

How you implement a gift card system depends on what’s best for your store and customers. Here are some ways our clients are using this module:

  • Traditional gift card: A customer purchases a gift card as a present for a friend. The recipient of the gift certificate will present the gift card later as a form of payment.
  • Due bill: A customer returns an item to your establishment without a receipt; the sales clerk creates a gift card for the return value.
  • Gift card purchase: Customers may use a gift card they have received as a gift to purchase new gift cards.
  • Bill payment: Gift cards may be used as payment on a customer's account balance.

The TransActPOS Gift Card module will support two different gift card types: external and internal.

External: The external gift card option refers to vendor-branded cards like Do it Best, True Value, or RepeatRewards gift cards, which their respective processors operate. TransActPOS and Verifone are capable of processing these types of card transactions.

Internal: The internal system refers to gift cards and certificates created within the TransActPOS environment. Internal gift cards and certificates have distinct advantages over nationally-branded gift cards, including no transaction fees, purchase history, and redemption of these products being limited to your store.

If you are using an internal system, TransActPOS will generate the required gift card numbers printed on the back of the cards being produced by your gift card supplier.

Many of our customers have found the services of Sterling Card Solutions, LLC, a full-service manufacturer of gift cards providing art and printing services, to be reasonable and dependable. For recent projects, the cost per card has been below $0.70 per card, including the 30mil card, art charges, printing, and shipping charges. Your particular job cost will vary. Call 615-349-1535, Ext. 3076 for assistance.