Inventory Control

Manage all aspects of products sold at your store, from stock to coupon items.

The Inventory Control system is based upon weighted average cost accounting but also provides inventory valuation and class sales reporting on either an average cost or current replacement cost basis.

Inventory Control gives you a deep understanding of your business with extensive reporting and integration with the TransActPOS Wireless Inventory module integration allows real-time in-aisle interaction with your inventory data.

This module includes single-tier serialization, multiple discount and lookup methods, product image capabilities, and product barcode label printing. Inventory kits and coupons are also supported within the Inventory Control module.

Inventory Control also includes these key features:

  • Commodity pricing for volatile products
  • Multiple promotion pricing
  • Per piece pricing with Board Feet pricing
  • Departmental discounts
  • Item sale pricing configurable through column pricing, quantity price breaks, and date sensitive sales events