Mercury Server

This background application is responsible for automatic updates and scheduled reports.

The TransActPOS Mercury Server is a background application responsible for the automatic processing of assigned tasks.  This application controls automatic TransActPOS program updates, scheduled reports, and other custom applications.

Mercury Server is present in all TransActPOS systems. 

Email Server

The TransActPOS Email Server module was developed to deliver invoices to the customer's accounts payable department upon invoice creation.  The immediate delivery of electronic invoices can reduce the average number of days to pay and reduce the cost of delivering invoices and statements via the US Mail.

The emailing of Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Rental Reservations, and Rental Contracts are included within this optional module.  The Scheduled Reports option automatically creates and sends selected reports to the designated recipients.  This feature includes sending to Apple phones that convert text messages to speech when using the appropriate accessibility settings within the IOS.

TransActPOS Texting

The TransActPOS – Texting module is a Short Message Service (SMS), allowing users to send a message that is up to 147 characters long.  Preset messages can be created at multiple points within the TransActPOS application depending upon the user's level of security.

Fast, convenient, company-level texting service allowing stores to send messages to customers from within TransActPOS applications.