Point of Sale

Navigate the sales process with ease.

Point of Sale controls the sales process, and is the predominant module in the through which clerks and customers interact.

Your store is unique. The Point of Sale module can be modified to best fit your desired sales procedure and offers integration to key systems you may have implemented at your workstations, including extended customer displays, electronic signatures, and security camera integration.

The easy-to-learn interface offers multiple item locators and on-screen inventory details to streamline the sales process, as well as manager-level invoice void, drawer reconciliation, and payment reversal.

Other key features offered by this module:

  • User, group, and function security levels
  • Shift reporting and drawer reconciliation
  • On-screen price changes
  • Modifiable item descriptions and item notes within invoice
  • Modifiable tax status per invoice detail line
  • Commodity pricing schemes for lumber and similar products