Quotes and Sales Orders

Provide price quotes and invoice your customers—even for special orders.

The Quote and Sales Orders modules manage the process of providing customers with a price quote for selected items and ultimately invoicing the customer for the products purchased. A Sales Order may be created directly; creating a quote is not the required first step. 

As a special-order item is entered into the Quote/Sales Order, the user can enter the description, quantity, price, cost, and vendor-specific information used to create the related purchase order in the future.  With the exact vendor, model, and cost indicated within the quote/sales order detail line, creating the supporting purchase order is done directly within the sales order module. 

Quotes versus Sales Orders

A Quote is a precursor to a Sales Order and does not indicate an allocated value for the inventory item.  In turn, a Sales Order will create an allocation value and impact the required order quantity indicated during the reorder process.

An item's Available Quantity represents the on-hand quantity less the current allocated value. The sales clerk will be alerted if the desired sales quantity exceeds the Available Quantity indicated within the system. 

Sales Orders

Once the customer has accepted the quote, it is converted to a Sales Order within the Modify Sales Order screen option.  All items indicated within the sales order are now seen as allocations and impact the relative Available Quantities. During the reorder process, the allocations are included in the calculations, determining the proper order quantity.


The SO2PO (Sales Order to Purchase Order) process streamlines the creation of the purchase order(s) from within a sales order.  SO2PO was developed to allow the sales staff to create a custom quote documenting within the detail line of the quote the full description, price, cost, the selected vendor, and the vendor part number.   

When the quote is converted to a sales order, the user may choose items to which purchase orders may be created.  The resulting purchase order(s) is then sent to the vendor depending upon their communication method. This process eliminates the need to track down the information about the intended products to be sold, which may be located within a stack of paper on the sales desk. 

Within the sales order, the system indicates the related purchase order number.  System tracking reports the detailed status of each sales order and its related purchase order, determining if any orders have been missed. The receiving of the purchase order updates the related sales order as to the received item status. 

Contractor Specific Functions

  • Contract specific pricing locks in a specified price until the indicated date
  • Customer Job awareness with taxation, blanket purchase order, budget restrictions, job-related contacts, address information and reporting
  • Multiple Discounting options to include the robust Price Matrix structure that controls storewide pricing from a single interface of Product Codes and Customer Groups
  • Special Order Management with TransActPOS – Texting options to keep your contractor customer updated with little effort
  • Automated Load Tickets and modifiable Delivery tickets to support contractor customer
  • In-yard sales for sites that have wireless access to this area of the property to allow contractors the convenience of drive-by pickup of materials

Other Functions

  • Printing of modifiable Sold Tags to be attached to items allocated for special orders
  • Creation of Purchase Order(s) from within a specific Sales Order
  • Deposit Management with the option for additional payments
  • Quotes and sales orders may be copied, thus reducing the time to create repeat orders or similar orders for other customers.
  • Modification of quote, sales order, and invoice forms to include item pictures and special instructions
  • Emailing of quotes, sales orders, and related purchase orders
  • Automatic PDF version tracking of quotes and sales orders is present within the system