Service Tickets

Track warranties, record notes, and manage billable parts during the repair service process.

The Service module designed to aid in the processing of repair services integrates with the inventory and customers of TransActPOS.  Recording billable versus parts used, indicating multiple serial numbers per unit, and detailed service notes are just a few features.  In addition, warranty tracking is included with this module, creating individualized billing to the appropriate warranty claim party. Real-time links are provided for various PartSmart functions, creating a seamless link between the parts diagram, inventory, and the service ticket.

Service Ticket Overview

Much like purchase orders and sales orders, a service ticket contains two tabs. 

The Main tab displays general information about the service ticket to include customer information, the description of work to be done, services performed, directions, and warranty related information

The Detail tab contains a Ring Sale style screen into which inventory items are entered.  For example, if you use a spark plug to service a lawnmower, the spark plug would be entered on the Detail tab and taken out of inventory at that moment.  Suppose the service ticket includes a warranty notification, as an item is entered into the service ticket. In that case, the user will direct the billing to the customer or one of the indicated warranty agents.

The inventory management is of significance since the on-hand quantity is adjusted as the item is placed into the service ticket allowing reorder reports to be more accurate. 

Bench Fee and Deposit 

Many service departments require a bench fee or deposit before an estimate or service is performed. Posting a deposit within the service ticket creates a credit within the service ticket which can be applied to services rendered.  The user may add additional deposit dollars to the service ticket based upon the store's required security deposit.  Deposit dollars may also be returned to the customer as required. 

Warranty processing

As mentioned above, warranty tracking streamlines repair services which include warranty parts and labor. Since the service ticket separates a unit into the main and engine components, separate warranty postings can be made to the responsible party. 

Note: Typically, the reimbursement from the warranty agent is in the form of a credit on your monthly statement.  TransActPOS manages the application of this credit payment by utilizing the Non-Cash payment type, thus allowing for the correct reconciliation of the cash drawer.

Invoice Level Controls

The Job, Purchaser, and Purchase Order requirement prompts are present within the service ticket billing process based upon the current customer's selections.

Service Clock

The Service Clock allows service persons to log in and out of selected service tickets, thus monitoring actual time spent per ticket and how much to bill the customer for work performed.

Service Ticket Variants

Service tickets immediately adjust inventory and manage the work in process.  The Service Ticket variants include Standard OPE, General Services, and Rental only.

TransActPOS Rental Integration

TransActPOS sites that have the Equipment Rental module can track ongoing equipment costs and determine an accurate ROI.

Hydraulic hoses, fittings, metal tube fabrication,

Hydraulic hose and cylinder repair businesses utilize TransActPOS Service Ticket to manage their customer's custom hose manufacturing and cylinder repairs. 

Multiple Service Organizations

Some locations have multiple services within the same department, such as Outdoor Power Equipment, Heating and Air and Furniture Refinishing Servers.  Since the Work Type can be defined within the service ticket, retrieving information regarding a specific service type is straightforward and allows the staff to focus on their specific service area.