System Resources

Facilitate core setup options for TransActPOS, from system reporting to updates.

System Resources enables the core setup options for TransActPOS to include the following areas:

  • Company Setup
  • Workstation Setup 
  • Form and Label editing
  • Time Clock Maintenance and Reporting
  • User and Group Security 
  • System Reporting 
  • Scheduled Nightly Reports     
  • TransActPOS Updates 

Software Setup

Within the Systems module is the Company Setup, where the settings for the TransActPOS program are maintained and altered. These options can change little things like adding/removing specific prompts to changing and adding new functions like the Enhanced Sales Order form and creating Quotes from Ring Sale. 

Your installation can be configured based upon over 350 options within the Company Setup and Workstation Settings.

Hardware Setup

Hardware configurations are managed within System > Workstation setup.  The system supports shared equipment like report printers, delivery ticket printers, workstation-specific peripherals like receipt printers, credit card readers, and document scanners.

User Security

TransActPOS allows you to allow and restrict access to certain functions of the program through the means of users and user groups. Within User Security, you can restrict the cashier groups from performing managerial tasks while allowing the manager groups access to other program functions. TransActPOS TAP! provides RFID card access to assigned workstations.

TransActPOS Updates

System updates are automatically delivered and applied to your system via the TransActPOS Mercury Server application.  The system prompts all workstations to exit TransActPOS and then return to the application.  This simple step completes the update process. 

System-Wide Features

Report Drill Down

Many reports contain embedded hyperlinks that allow additional detailed information.  A single report supports multiple drill-down selections.  For instance, while viewing a summarized invoice listing report, selecting the hyperlinked invoice number, the system presents the invoice details.  While within the selected invoice details, selecting a hyperlinked item number, the related item information screen appears.  Additionally, all reports are text searchable with the find button, and multiple output types are available. 


The DataView feature provides the user with the ability to sort and filter reports results.  The resulting columnar data set can be exported or emailed as a Microsoft Excel or a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file.


Staying in contact with employees is critical to providing a high level of customer service.  TransActPOS Messenger allows users to send a message between individuals for immediate delivery.  Scheduled delivery of messages, screen captures, and scheduled reports can be presented within the resulting activities list. Messages may be broadcast to all team members or directed to the selected user(s). 

Report Favorites

The group of TransActPOS modules contains over 300 reports.  Various options change the date range, the reported detail, and the report's scope within most reports.  Rather than choosing the settings each time the report is desired, the Report Favorites feature allows the user to save the relative settings and then Load the report from the Report Favorites or from within the selected report Favorites option. 

Delivered Scheduled Reports

The Scheduled Reports feature emails the selected Report Favorite report selection to the user(s) at the selected time(s) and daily schedule.  Options are available to utilize iPhone Accessibility and have the report read to the recipient.