Customer Text messaging from within TransActPOS provides fast and efficient service to your customers.

The TransActPOS – Texting module is a Short Message Service (SMS), allowing users to send a message that is up to 147 characters long.  Preset messages can be created at multiple points within the TransActPOS application depending upon the user's level of security.

Fast, convenient, company-level texting service allowing stores to send messages to customers from within TransActPOS applications.

  • TransActPOS Service
    • "Your mower repair completed!  Do you need it delivered?"
  • TransActPOS Sales Orders and Special Orders
    • "Your special-order door was just received into inventory!"
  • TransActPOS Account Receivable
    • "Your payment just posted. Thank you!"
  • TransActPOS Equipment Rental
    • "Your equipment rental is due at 2:00 PM. Do you need more time?"

How does TransActPOS – Texting help your business?

  • Resolves the problem of using personal text accounts to manage your store's business text communications
  • Centralizes all text communications into a text monitor application accessible from any TransActPOS workstation
  • Automates Customer registration with a Join message to your store's texting phone number
  • TransActPOS Support assists in the setup of your texting phone number
  • Supports FCC Rules & Regulations
  • TransActPOS – Texting module has a variety of per text billing options