Wireless Inventory

Get real-time access to inventory information from the aisles of your store.

The TransActPOS Wireless Inventory module provides real-time access to inventory from your store’s aisles.

This streamlined utility provides access to your inventory file, making it possible to change retail prices, view sales history, create purchase orders, and receive orders. Inventory issues can be resolved and cycle counts can be performed within this module.

Wireless Inventory also makes it possible for your store clerks to pre-scan a customer’s shopping cart and assign the items to a card, which is then scanned at the point of sale workstation. This Line Buster feature reduces checkout time at your store.

Other key features to this module include:

  • Ability to edit retail price and order quantity
  • Ability to maintain item lookup methods
  • Wireless inventory receiving
  • Wireless receiving of A-Copy shipment (True Value stores)