Each hardware store is unique. We’ve designed a modular system to give you the functionality you need at an affordable price.

Any of these packages can be tailored with optional additional modules, giving you the opportunity to create the ideal system for your store. All stores using TransActPOS have access to a centralized and mature code base, no matter which package or modules they activate.

Collaboration with our retail store customers is core to the development of every module and integration we create. Many of the improvements we make to the TransActPOS system are rooted in customer feedback, because we know it needs to be as reliable and hardworking as the store owners who use it.

We make it easy to stay up-to-date. All TransActPOS users with active maintenance agreements are automatically updated with the latest software version to ensure peak performance and to eliminate confusing pricing.

Do it Best

We’ve crafted the DoitPak software package after years of working with our Do it Best hardware store partners.

True Value

Our TruPak software package is a comprehensive solution for True Value hardware stores.


We’ve developed OPak to support stores using Orgill as their primary or strong secondary vendor.

House-Hasson Hardware Co.

Our HousePak includes the communications and electronic catalog update features specific to House-Hasson.

United Hardware

We’ve developed and enhanced our UnitedPak package over years of working with United Hardware stores.

Independent hardware stores

Our TransActPOS Deluxe software package is a comprehensive solution for independent hardware stores.

Outdoor power equipment

PowerPak creates a dynamic link between multiple modules to make your retail and service operation run smoothly.

Multi-Store Edition

TransActPOS Multi-Store manages inventory and customer information between multiple TransActPOS installations.

Equipment rental

TransActPOS created the comprehensive RentalPak to help you streamline your rental business.

Gift stores

TransActPOS created GiftPak to combine two popular features into one product: gift card tracking and layaway management.