This configuration optimizes the same applications used by single stores to serve multiple stores. By applying the Multi-Store application, a store can share data with other locations and centralize information.

The Multi-Store application establishes the communications backbone of the TransActPOS Home Office and individual retail stores. The Home Office is the control center to which customer and inventory data is standardized and hosted within the TransActPOS Cloud Server. The Home Office can be accessed by any workstation connected to the Internet.

The maximum number of stores supported by Multi-Store is nine, and each retail site is limited to 99 users.

Included Modules

Our customers who operate multiple stores rely on key modules to run their stores with ease. The modules below are automatically included with Multi-Store.

Popular Integrations

We offer specialized support for certain third-party integrations that our customers use to power their stores. Our list of integrations continues to grow to meet the needs of your store.