Create, track, and manage serial numbers for your power equipment with ease. PowerPak automatically ties together serialized inventory to customer, warranty, service information, and makes it simpler to execute future marketing strategies. A soon-to-be-released texting component will connect your service desk directly to customers for quick resolve to questions.

Other key PowerPak features:

  • Split billing for warranty service
  • Track service history
  • Track inventory for retail floorplan management
  • Automatic service ticket creation for rental items
  • Information management to facilitate ROI calculations

TransActPOS has direct connections to the network of vendors and ARI’s PartSmart. While and PartSmart software are not included in the PowerPak solution, we integrate with these services to help our customers make the most of their businesses.

We make it simple to place orders with vendors from within the TransActPOS Purchase Order module. For PartSmart users, inventory information can be accessed from the PartSmart diagram with no additional lookup required. Items from a diagram can also be imported into the TransActPOS Service Ticket module.

Included Modules

Our customers rely on key modules to run their stores with ease. The modules below are automatically included with PowerPak.

Popular Integrations

We offer specialized support for certain third-party integrations that our customers use to power their stores. Our list of integrations continues to grow to meet the needs of your store.