Our UnitedPak includes the communications and electronic catalog update features specific to United Hardware.

Our Inventory Order and Receipt module work in tandem with United Hardware communications, automatically updating your system with the most current information.

TransActPOS knows inventory management is key to success. UnitedPak makes it easy to build inventory reorders and electronically submit them to United Hardware. You can also receive inventory to best suit your needs—receive in full or scan to verify UPCs and receipt quantity.

Additional features to UnitedPak include:

  • Connect as many computers as needed
  • Endorse checks with enhanced workstation functionality
  • The ability to assign one of four statement types to each customer

Included Modules

Our United Hardware store customers rely on key modules to ensure their stores run smoothly. The modules below are automatically included with UnitedPak.

Popular Integrations

We offer specialized support for certain third-party integrations that our customers use to power their stores. Our list of integrations continues to grow to meet the needs of your store.